World Cup 2010
Match Reports

England 0-1 Spain
Old Trafford, Manchester, England - Wednesday 7 February 2007

This was the 21st enounter between the two sides, and both teams were wanting a good result as neither country has done well in their last few games, and with crucial European qualifiers coming up for both, a solid performance was needed to boast morale (England are currently in 3rd place in their Euro 2008 qualifying group whilst Spain are shockingly in 5th place in their group). England were without a few regulars due to injury, however two young players made their England debuts in this fixture - Ben Foster (who is making a big impact at Watford whilst on loan from Manchester United) and Joey Barton, there was also a return of both Neville brothers for the first time since Euro 2000 and Kieran Dyer made it back to the team after a two year break.

England got off to a promising start in the opening 30 seconds of the match when Shaun Wright-Phillips cut through a couple of Spainish players to send the ball to Dyer, but a Spanish defender put the ball behind for a corner to the home side. Seconds later Carrick tried a shot from the edge of the box but Casillas stopped the shot but the ball only fell to Dyer, but the legs of Spain's goalkeeper prevented England taking the lead.

In the 18th minute Morientes blazed Spain's best chance of the first half over the crossbar, just yards out from England's net. Later in the first half, Crouch had a slight chance to score but his header went wide of the net.

Into the second half, and both teams having made non-injury related substitutions, England again started off the period looking lively, as in the opening minutes of the game. Kieran Dyer played the ball inside to Shaun Wright-Phillips but the Chelsea player's attempt deflected off Pablo Ibanez.

In the 63rd minute Spain took the lead, and deservedly so after dominating the majority of the match. Iniesta got to a cross and fired the ball into the top left corner, a lovely goal for which Foster could not be blamed.

A dull game drew to a close and England were booed by their fans at the full-time whistle. This team really has to do a lot better in terms of performance and results in the coming months. England cannot afford to lose their upcoming qualifying games.


Foster #1, G Neville #2 - 2nd captain after Gerrard was substituted (Richards 65 mins - #14), R Ferdinand #5 - 3rd captain after Gerrard was substituted, Woodgate #6 (Carragher 65 mins - #15), P Neville #3 (Downing 74 mins - #20), Gerrard #4 - Captain (Barry 46 mins - #12), Carrick #7, Lampard #8 (Barton 79 mins - #18), Wright-Phillips #10 (Defoe 69 mins - #21), Crouch #10, Dyer #9.
Subs Not Used: Robinson #13, Dawson #17, Terry #16, Parker #19. (Full Squad)

Casillas #1, Ramos #4 (Navarro #2 - 46 mins), Ibanez #22, Puyol #22 (Angel #19 - 46 mins), Capdevila #15, Silva #21 (Arizmendi #17 - 65 mins), Xavi #8, Albelda #6, Angulo #11 (Iniesta #16 - 55 mins), Villa #7 (Fabregas #18 - 74 mins), Morientes #10 (Torres #9 - 46 mins).
Subs Not Used: Reina #23, Lopez #3, Alonso #14.

Match Details

Spain Goal: Iniesta (63 mins).

Referee: Michael Weiner (Germany)

Attendance: 58,207