World Cup 2010
Match Reports

England 1 Portugal 1
Villa Park, Birmingham, England - Saturday 7 September 2002

England were the first to create a scoring chance in this friendly, when Bowyer hit the ball with his left foot at goal, but the shot was saved by Portugal's goalkeeper, Baia. The home team continued to apply pressure on Portugal's defence but an attempt by England in the 7th minute was thwarted by Baia again.

Portugal's first attack on goal came in the 10th minute, but David James put the ball away from danger. Mid-way through the first half, Figo tried his luck from 25 yards out but England's goalkeeper was able to stop the shot.

Lee Bowyer was unlucky not to put his country into the lead upon 30 minutes but he failed to connect with a lovely cross from Gerrard as Couto got to the ball first to put it over the back line. A quick release of the ball by James lead to a goal for England on 40 minutes when his throw to Heskey went on to Owen and then to Bowyer, who crossed the ball to Alan Smith who headed the ball into the goal.

Being a goal to the good at halftime, England made a number of changes during the interval. The changes unsettled them with Portugal running at England's defence. England did not create a lot of opportunities for themselves, one of note was from Joe Cole whose shot frustratingly was straight at Portugal's goalkeeper.

England's defence was finally punished in the 79th minute when they conceed a corner which Coshinha headed into England's net to tie the game at 1-1. Sadly England did not do enough to get the game winner and the game ended with Viana trying to score with a free-kick in the 90th minute which amounted to nothing.


James, Mills (Bridge 45 mins), R Ferdinand (Woodgate 45 mins), Southgate, Ashley Cole (Hargreaves 45 mins), Bowyer (Sinclair 62 mins), Gerrard (Dunn 45 mins), Butt (Murphy 63 mins), Heskey, Smith, Owen (Joe Cole 63 mins).
Subs Not Used: Robinson. (Full Squad)

Baia (Pereira 45 mins), Beto (Nuno Gomes 45 mins), Meira (Silva 78 mins), Couto (Ferreira 45 mins), Sergio Conceicao (Valente 45 mins), Teixeira (Vidigal 65 mins), Rui Costa (Boa Morte 45 mins), Jorge (Capucho 45 mins), Figo (Viana 45 mins), Pauleta (Santos 45 mins), Sabrosa (Costinha 54 mins).
Subs Not Used: None.

Match Details

England Scorer: Owen (40 mins)
Portugal Scorer: Costinha (79 mins)

Referee: T Obrebo (Norway)

Attendance: 40,058