World Cup 2010
Ladies Squad

For 2013 European Qualifiesr Against Holland And Slovenia (17 and 21 June 2012):

Player Club Date of Birth Previous Clubs
Rachel Brown Everton LFC 02.07.1980 University of Pittsburgh, Liverpool LFC
Siobhan Chamberlain Bristol Academy LFC 15.08.1983 Birmingham City LFC, Fulham LFC, Chelsea LFC, Bristol Academy LFC
Carly Telford Chelsea LFC 07.07.1987 Sunderland LFC, Leeds Carnegie
Karen Bardsley* Linkoping 14.10.1984 Pali Blues, Ajax America, New Jersey Sky Blue LFC
Casey Stoney Lincoln Ladies 13.05.1982 Arsenal LFC, Chelsea LFC, Charlton Athletic LFC
Rachel Unitt Birmingham City LFC 05.06.1982 Fulham, Wolves, Everton LFC, New Jersey Wildcats
Alex Scott Arsenal 14.10.1984 Birmingham City LFC, Arsenal LFC, Boston Breakers
Dunia Susi Chelsea LFC 10.08.1987 Chelsea LFC, Birmingham City LFC
Claire Rafferty Chelsea LFC Uknown Unknown
Sophie Bradley Lincoln Ladies 20.10.1989 Nottingham Forest Ladies, Leeds Carnegie
Laura Bassett Birmingham City LFC 02.08.1983 Birmingham City LFC, Arsenal LFC, Leeds Carnegie
Anita Asante Goteborg 27.04.1985 Arsenal LFC, Chelsea LFC, Washington Freedom, New Jersey Sky Blue LFC
Fara Williams Everton LFC 25.01.1984 Charlton Athletic
Stephanie Houghton Arsenal Unknown Sunderland LFC, Leeds Carnegie
Jill Scott Everton 02.02.1987 Sunderland LFC, Everton
Jade Moore Birmingham City Unknown Doncaster Rovers, Lincoln City LFC, Leeds Carnegie LFC
Karen Carney Birmingham City LFC 01.08.1987 Birmingham City LFC, Arsenal LFC, Chicago Red Stars
Rachel Williams Birmingham City LFC 10.01.1988 Doncaster Rovers Belles
Enoila Aluko Birmingham City LFC 21.02.1987 Birmingham City LFC, Charlton Athletic LFC, Chelsea LFC,
St Louis Athletico, Atlanta Beat, New Jersey Sky Blue LFC
Rachel Yankey Arsenal LFC 01.11.1979 Arsenal, Mill Hill United, Laval Dynamite, Canada, Fulham, Birmingham City LFC, New Jersey Wilcats
Toni Duggan Everton LFC 25.07.1991 None
Ellen White Arsenal LFC Unknown Leeds Carnegie

* Withdrew due to injury

Hope Powell